STOREFRONT ARTIST PROJECTS Following in the footsteps of its nomadic tradition the Storefront continues to find vacant commercial spaces in Pittsfield for artists to use for temporary projects. Available for periods of up to 6 months these projects occasionally take place at the Storefront’s Mainspace at 124 Fenn Street. Thanks to Scarafoni Associates and the Kinderhook Group in 2008 we gave spaces to Lisa Desrosiers, Jon Piasecki, Leslie Alfin, Michael St. John and Derek Zeitel.

STOREFRONT ARTIST SALON The Salon is a monthly gathering for artists and the art-interested. Salons meet every other month at the Storefront and at other locations in the intervening months. It is therefore a roving Salon meant to build community and discussions around the arts. Please check our Calendar for the schedule of upcoming Salons.

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