Using famous art pieces to design clothes

It’s not essential that every person wants to wear fancy clothes and simple t shirts all the time but some people love to try some artistic kind of designs for their clothes. What if someone wants to print art painting on the shirt?

In this case, we are providing a complete guide to you about how you can make paintings on your shirt or how you can print it on the shirt? Let’s have a look at the complete guide about this subject.


We’re living in the advanced era where we don’t have to go to each and every store to find someone who can help us print a subject on a piece. There are several kinds of printing machines available these days that you can buy at pocket-friendly rates.

If you want to buy a good quality printing machine we recommend that you take a look at the t-shirt printing machines in your local market so you can test the quality first-hand.

Printing machine is going to help you in making your t shirt beautiful and you can print any kind of painting on your shirt you want to have. You can make your shirt a masterpiece by printing artwork on it.


If you want to give a new look to your shirt, then you should go for the hand embroidery. If you want to become a hand embroider, you must first try your skills at your own clothes.

It’ll not only help you understand your skill level but it will also help you find some customers if your work appeared attractive to them.

A t shirt with a hand embroidered painting will look amazing. This hand embroidery will add a new look to your wardrobe and you can use it in numbers of shirts.


With the help of different blocks now you can make your favorite image on the clothes. If you know how to print the images on the shirt through blocks then you should go for the block printing way to make your t shirt beautiful.

All you have to do is spread the paint on the image which should be for the block pattern and then with the help of different blocks you can arrange it like a puzzle.


The artwork is usually a love of the people who like to paint and who have the ability to draw anything. Art lover is the one who wants to have something different on their clothes and they definitely like to see the art on everything around them.

If you are an artist, then fabric painting is an extremely valuable option for you.


With the help of pressing machine, you can print the whole image of the artwork on your t shirt. Image printing will paste the image on your t shirt as it is and you don’t have to make any changes in the picture or on the t shirt.

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